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Acoustic Electric Lap Cajon Custom sound rim


Lap Cajon Rocket Drum

YOUR CHOICE OF WOOD FOR THE SOUND RIM! Choose from redwood burl, walnut burl, purple heartwood or maple burl.

 This is the first of its kind. A cajon that you play on your lap or get the optional drum set holder to mount it to your drum or percussion array.

 This cajon is hand crafted with beautiful tone wood with inlay sound hole. Equipped with a piezo pickup build by the sound techs of The Z-Stik Percussion Company and a standard mono ¼ inch jack.

 Measures 20” x 5 ½ x 3 ¼

As an electric drum you have:

• High to low tones that sound like a leather shin drum or run the cajon through guitar effects for many different sounds. Imagine delay on your drum with reverb. With this cajon the power is in your hands and the system you plug it into.

• Sound Tech in the studio or live has great control with hot pickups.

• With your hand over the sound hole it give this drum a natural wah



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