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Tuesday, May 29 2012

For immediate release:

Artists Expand Their Sound With  Z-Stik Percussion’s Instruments.

Following Z-Stick’s exciting NAMM 2012 debut, that garnered them a NAMM best in show award, talented artists have been using and embracing Z-Stik instruments and making them a part of their sound.

Walter Rodriguez- An extraordinary drummer and percussionist long list of prestigious recording and live appearance credits; Arturo Sandoval, Alex Acuna, Ricky Martin, Heb Alpert, , Yannni, Stomp, Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz, The Promise Keepers, King Cotton, The Grammys, Billboard Awards…….  Walter comments on Z-Stik Percussions:

“The Z-Stik's unique and unparalleled sound and 'looks' brings my playing and performance to whole new level. When it's time to groove and put on an awesome show, I choose the Z-Stik.”

“Z-Stik, Rocket Drum and the newest Lap Cajon... They will absolutely bring your performance to a whole new level. Join me on a fun ride to the ultimate on wood hand drummin'... You'll love it”

Carlos Caro and Miguel Valdes – Percussionists coming from the venerable Cuban tradition and appearing (singly or together) with luminaires like, Eddie Palmieri, Armando Perazza, Rey Ruiz, Cachao, Juan de Marcos and Afrocuban All Stars, Jazz Pianist Bellita….. . Commenting on Z-Stik Percussions:

"I am excited to be pioneering new performance possibilities and new sounds in Afrocuban Music with the Z-Stik " , "Z - Stik has the sound that I was looking for" - Miguel Valdes

"Z-Stik is a great, very musical instrument that blends well and brings

 my recordings to another level. Simply amazing! " - Carlos Caro   

Benny Rose – Drummer and percussionist with the band Ghosts of Eden – "Velvet Grunge" pioneers formed after from year in the New York/New Jersey alternative, hardcore punk and metal scene. Benny comments on Z-Stik Percussions:

   " The Z-Stik will revolutionize the one if a kind amplified/acoustic hybrid  percussion instrument ! With its endless sound possibilities from a standard direct PA feed, to a digital Line 6 HD 147 which I use the combinations are limitless and can accommodate any music genre."

Anvue – an acoustic driven, four piece folk rock band from Los, Angeles, Ca. 2008 Mavric Award winners of the best acoustic song of the year for their song "Absolutely Yours".

US Press Contact: Bob Reardon 

[email protected]

Z-Stik Percussion
152 Boyer Road
Grants Pass, Oregon  97526

Tuesday, May 29 2012


Z-Stik Percussion Releases The Rocket Drum, The Lap Cajon and Z-Accessories.

Since the NAMM 2012 debut, Z-Stik founder Greg Dhal has been busy with product development.  Greg comments:

“The attention we received at the show was almost overwhelming and the response for the artists gratifying. I’ve been corresponding with a number of artists since NAMM who have become part of our Z-Stik family and these interactions have stimulated us to be creative and add new instruments to the Z-Stik family. The first Rocket Drum developed from speaking with dealers who had asked for an affordable truly Z-Stik Percussion product.”

The Rocket Drum is an electro-acoustic wooden percussion instrument, trapezoidal in shape 12 inches long, 2.5” thick with a custom piezo-electric pickup, accessed via a standard ¼ inch “guitar” type jack. The unit also has special material inside that provides a “shaker” type of sound.  The Rocket Drum’s tapered body yields different tones that can be played with the hands and fingers and can be moved and shaken.  It plugs in to an amp or mixer and allows a single performer to explore sounds that range from shaker like instruments to things like bongos and beyond.

Rocket Drum development led to creation of a larger instrument named The Lap Cajon 21 long and 5 3/4 on the wide end (3 on the short) and about 3 inches thick.  The electro/acoustic Lap Cajon incorporates a custom designed sound hole with unique features, founder Greg Dahl comments:

“The sound hole, has similarities to an acoustic guitar, but it also has important differences in the Lap Cajon. It allows the player to alter the pitch and even “bend” notes while playing, this significantly increases the versatility of the instrument, further beyond the tones already available between the wide and narrow ends The Lap Cajon combined with the accessories, Z-Guiro, Z-Slap, Z-Shaker or Z-Tamb allows a single musician to be an entire percussion section that is highly portable and easy to amplify, and is fun to play!”

The Lap Cajon with sell for under $300 US for the base model, and can be modified by adding accessories that expand the sound palate further.
Along with The Lap Cajon 4 optional accessories have been added, all of which affordably expand the sound palette available to the player and are amplified via the internal custom piezo pickup. These include:

  • Z-Guiro – a custom wood guiro strip that can be added to the Lap Cajon.
  • Z-Shaker – the popular shaker sound found in many Z-Stik products.
  • Z-Tamb – Adds Tambourine bells and sounds
  • Z-Slap – A custom wood “slat” that makes a characteristic wood –on-wood slap sound when struck.
  • Z-Stand- A wooden sleeve that can retro-fit to a cymbal stand or drum stand.

All the accessories are field mountable and will sell for under $30 except for the  Z-Stand which will sell for $65.

See: www.Z-Stik.com
Photos available at: distributor.Z-stik.com

US Press Contact: Bob Reardon
[email protected]

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