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How The Z-STIK Came Be...

As a worship leader at our church,  New Song Christian Fellowship, in Grants Pass, Oregon, music is a huge part of my life and has been for my whole life.

Music is one of the many ways I express myself and my love for Jesus. The Lord has always given me dreams and visions while awake and asleep. 

The "Z" came in a dream, designed while I slept and when I awoke, went straight to the shop and built it. To start with I wasn't sure what I was building; I knew it was a shaker and a  new twist on the rain stick but I had no clue what kind of rhythmic explosion we would have in the percussion realm.

I included an internal electric pickup and handed it over to my pastor, Ron Nicholson, who has been a percussionist for over 30 years. Ron plugged it in, started tapping it like a drum and the "Z-STIK" came alive.

Two years and many variations later "The Original Z-STIK" had come to the World.

Many special people in my life have contributed to the finished product, from the name to painting, design to the photography, I haven't done this alone.

Lots of love goes into each "Z" and we are honored that God would use us to be a part of "Creating A Whole New Groove" in the music industry.

Greg Dahl CEO/Designer

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